Tibetan Chinese Friendship Association

Hi Folks,
In recent months, good side of Human spirit pops out every where in the world to urge both Tibetan as well as Chinese to create a friendly atmosphere and bridge the gap of mistrust and misunderstandings. I know there are many hundreds of good chinese people out there who oppose the brutal treatment of the Tibetan people by the Chinese communist party. there is nothing to do with the chinese people as described by CCP. Tibetan and chinese people both are the victims of CCP. I invite you to join me to create a network of exchanging our views and opinions how we should move forward togather as one leaving the CCP behind. this is an out dated regime in 21st century. in the name of developement, common citizens, rights groups, religious organization, rural land grabing and persecution of minority is unacceptable. Many of you may still wonder, what we are still demanding. be it clear.. Tibetan doesn’t need independence. we just want genuine autonomy within the framework of Chinese constitution. I hope some day, i will be able to take a group of Chinese students, scholars and professionals to Daharmsala, India where our government in Exile is situated. so that you can learn at first hand what we are upto. Seeing is believing.. give me your feed back and let me know of your interest


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